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Credit Courses Including Sustainability

AACC is committed to creating sustainability as defined in terms of human and ecological health, social justice, secure livelihoods, and a better world for all generations. Check back for mission mandates, recommendations, goals and accomplishments. The following courses contain components of sustainability. For more information about each of the courses, enter the course number in the course search box above.

Architecture and Interior Design 
ACH-104 Materials and Methods for Interior Design 1 
ACH-121 Architectural Materials and Methods 1 
ACH-122 Architectural Materials and Methods 2 
ACH-203 (formerly ACH 102) Commercial Design Studio  
ACH-206 Kitchen and Bath Design 
ACH-209 Lighting for Interior Design 
ACH-212 Architectural Design 4 
ACH-213 Sustainable Interiors 
ACH-242 Environmental Systems for Design

Learn more about AACC’s Environmental Center
BIO-103 General Botany 
BIO-107 Environmental Science 
BIO-108 Ecosystems and the Environment 
BIO-109 Economic Botany 
BIO-112 Garden Management 
BIO-113 Introduction to Horticulture 
BIO-116 Introduction to Landscaping 
BIO-204 Woody Plants for the Nursery 
BIO-207 Plant Propagation 
BIO-208 Landscape Composition 
BIO-210 Ecology and Field Biology 
BIO-211 Estuarine Biology

BPA-226 EMS Response to Hazardous Materials

ECO-116 Inside the Global Economy 
ECO-125 Economic Issues and Public Policy

FTR-100 Exploring the Future 
FTR-110 Globalization and Its Future

GEO-101 Physical Geography 
GEO-102 World Regional Geography 
GEO-103 Cultural Geography 
GEO PHS-107 Geology of Maryland 
GEO-240 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

HON-150 The Environment and Human Society: An Honors Seminar

Hotel/Restaurant Management 
HRM-210 Food Science (includes sustainability)

Physical Science 
PHS-100 General Physical Science 
PHS GEO-107 Geology of Maryland 
PHS-109 General Oceanography 
PHS-113 Physical Geology 
PHS-119 Fundamentals of Weather

PHY-105 How Things Work

SOC-113 Urban Sociology 
SOC-122 Social Problems 
SOC-240 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems