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Quick Facts - MD AAT Degree

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  • Outcome-based standards were developed collaboratively between the two- and four-year institutions in Maryland for implementation through individually designed community college AAT degree programs.
  • Program outcomes are based on State and National standards.
  • Successful completion of the program requires a cumulative 2.75 GPA and qualifying scores as established by the State Superintendent of Schools on the teacher certification tests (e.g., SAT, ACT, Praxis CORE) approved by the State Board of Education to be awarded the AAT degree.


AAT Requirements

  • Admission to the four-year institution is a two-step process and is not guaranteed. Applications to both the institution and to the teacher education program may be required.
  • Due to space limitations at some four-year institutions and/or teacher education programs, students should apply as early as possible and consider alternatives. Students should consult with an advisor at the four-year institution to determine the specific admissions requirements and deadlines of the institution to which they wish to transfer.
  • Upon admission to a Maryland public or independent four-year institution teacher education program, up to 64 semester hours, including the lower-division teacher education program outcomes, will transfer without further review.
  • The AAT degree holder is considered to have satisfied the following lower division requirements for the education program.
  • 30-36 semester hours of general education requirements for public institutions.
  • The lower-division outcomes for teacher education may be included in courses such as the foundations of education, human growth/child or adolescent development, educational psychology, introductory field experience and introductory special education. In addition, some students may be required to complete up to two additional lower division teacher education courses. Check with your advisor at your college for specific requirements for your major.
  • Students in Secondary Education AAT programs must complete specified content courses.

Upon Transfer

  • The student will be required to complete the remaining 10-16 semester hours of general education requirements of the public institution. Students planning to attend an independent institution should consult with an advisor at the four-year institution regarding the remaining general education requirements.
  • The student will also be required to complete the remaining teacher education program requirements, upper-division institutional requirements and any other general institutional degree requirements. Students enrolling in a Secondary Education program will also be required to complete the remaining content area requirements.


  • Information regarding upper-division requirements may be obtained by contacting the appropriate four-year institution's advisor, dean, director or chair of education.
  • More information is available at the Maryland Higher Education website (MHEC) - (click on Colleges and Universities).