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Associate of Sciences Degree
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This program offers students an opportunity to complete the first two years of a four-year engineering degree.  Engineers design, analyze, build and test technological hardware, such as electronic systems and computers, automobiles and aircraft, communication equipment, road and bridges.  

An engineering degree requires at least four years of college with the first two years mostly standardized across the country. Those first years include foundation courses such as math, physics and chemistry, as well as some engineering basics courses.

Major branches of engineering are electrical, mechanical, civil and chemical. If possible, decide which branch to pursue by the second semester as it might affect elective choices. Also, requirements of your transfer college may affect elective choices. An engineering college program is rigorous, using advanced mathematics and physics to design and analyze hardware and processes. If you are more interested in the practical hands-on aspects of technology, consider the two-year Electronic Engineering Technology programs.

Sample careers for Engineering majors: