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This page is a continuation of information about different options the college provides to make it convenient for tuition and fees payments.  

To apply for the Early College Access Program (ECAP), waivers or tuition reduction on Health Manpower Shortage or Statewide programs, you must notify the Cashiers office of your eligibility before classes begin each term. Waivers are not applied until payment has been received unless the student has approved financial aid or tuition assistance. Information: 410-777-2236. For Maryland Dream Act tuition rate, students must provide documentation to the Admissions Office that they meet the requirements. Information: 410-777-2152

When you register for any class (credit or noncredit), you assume a financial responsibility.  To cancel this responsibility, you must officially drop the class by the drop date. See schedule of classes for dates specific to each term.

If you are entitled to a refund in accordance with the refund policy in the college catalog, refunds are generally issued approximately 15 days after the date class is dropped.  Only checks are issued unless 100% of your total refundable credit was received via credit card, and payment was made within the past 90 days.  In cases of payment 100% by credit card, the college credits directly to the credit card(s) used to make payment.  Call Cashiers office for details, 410-777-2236.

File a drop/add form with the Registration Office or drop on MyAACC. If you don't formally drop a class by the term-specific dates, you will continue to be financially responsible for it and will receive a failing grade. Classes dropped on or before the drop date are eligible for full refund of tuition and related fees.  Shorter academic terms will have a prorated refund period.  See schedule of classes for details. 

For noncredit courses, no refund will be given after the first day of the class. Contact Continuing Education for details, 410-777-2325.  Drops for non-credit classes can also be done on STARS, 410-777-2241.

If you cannot complete a credit class, you must withdraw from it to avoid a failing grade. You may withdraw after the drop date and through the "last day to withdraw" listed in the credit class schedule for each term. An entry of "W" will appear on your record. To withdraw, file a form with the Records office on the Arnold campus, Glen Burnie Town Center, Arundel Mills or Fort Meade Army Education Center site or on MyAACC. You will continue to be financially responsible for withdrawn classes. However, credit classes scheduled for 8 weeks or more that are withdrawn within 5 calendar days after the official drop date are eligible for a 60% reduction in tuition and fees.  

Contact Counseling, Advising and Retention Services to help you withdraw. See the college catalog for information.

If you have received a federal grant or loan assistance, a portion of the funds may be owed to the Federal program if you drop or withdraw from your classes. For details call the Financial Aid office, 410-777-2203.

Department offices attempt to contact students about canceled courses in advance of the start dates of the classes. Information on canceled off-campus classes is available at the main office of each center.

  • For Meade High classes, call the Fort Meade Army Education Center at 410-672-3554 or 410-672-2117.
  • If one or more of your classes is canceled and are not replaced and a refundable credit is created, refunds are generally issued approximately 15 days after the cancellation date. 
  • If 100% of your total payments was received via credit card, and the charges were made within the past 90 days, the college may credit your refund directly to the original credit card(s) used to make the payment.
  • To substitute a course, contact the Records and Registration office.

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