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Charles Camp

Associate Professor, Visual Arts
CADE 204

Charles Camp is associate professor of visual arts and coordinator of art history and humanities at AACC. He is a native of Canton, Ohio, and earned his degrees at Ohio State University (B.A. English Literature, 1971); the University of Toronto (M.A. Medieval Studies, 1975); and the University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D. Folklore & Folklife, 1979). Camp teaches courses in art history and the humanities, including Surveys of Western Art (ART 209 and 210), Introduction to Fine Arts (HUM 101), American Folk Art (HUM 151), and African-American Art (ART 228). He lives with his wife and three children in Catonsville, where he enjoys gardening and baseball.

Program activities include concentrations in art history and museum studies. Plans are in the works for a certificate in Historic Preservation. My students are active in the documentation of local public art and community-based cultural expressions - traditional, historical, or both.