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Experience the excitement of college learning without the stress. Join others who seek personal enrichment and lifelong learning.

Upcoming Winter 2013 Classes!

 FEBRUARY Weekend Classes!!

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FNC 374 - IRA and 401(k) Distribution Options (Feb 9)
Unscramble these complex options so you don't lose up to 70 percent of
money in taxes. Learn the pros and cons of IRS-Allowed payout options. discover why beneficiary designations are crucial, why planning must begin before age 70 1/2 and how to make yor IRAs continue tax deferred decades after your death. Discussion will include the new conversion law. 

WOI 318 - Job Hunt: Optimizing Online Applications NEW (Feb 9)
Determine strategies that will increase your chances of securing a job interview. Learn how to include relevenat key words, match the cover letter and resume to the job, and format files. Discover how employers process applicant information

WOI 326 - Small Steps to Big Transformations NEW (Feb 9) 
Develop a six-month plan to inspire and motivate yourself toward a more balanced life. Assss your current mind, body, home and work life situation. Identify long-range goals and create personalized, realistic goals for each month.

FNE 313 - Finding Balance in Your Budget (Feb 16)
Explore how to balance saving, spending and borrowing to achieve yoru short-and long-term goals.

WMI 383 - So Simple Sewing: Zippers (Feb 16)
Learn simple techniques and tips for inserting zippers in your sewing creations. Create a zippered makeup bag and pillow cover to take home.
Note: WMI 336 So Simple Sewing or equivalent machine-sewing experience required.

PET 312 - Pet First Aid and CPR (Feb 16)
Learn life-saving pet first aid techniques. Receive hands-on instruction on primary emergency assessment, rescue breathing, chocking management, bleeding control, heat-and cold related injuries and CPR.

DAN 380 - Swing Dance Flurry (Feb 22)
Learn and practice East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop basics and tricks and West Coast Swing.  
WOI 316 - Jewelry Workshop: Recycle Old Jewelry (Feb 23) 
Create one of a kind jewelry from your broken bead necklaces and bracelets. Use basic jewelry techniques to create two of the following projects: drop earrings, bracelet, necklace or pin.
Note: Tools, jewelry findings and a variety of beads for fillers provided.

WOI 319 - Job Hunt: Successful Phone Interviews (Feb 23) 
Examine the role of the telephone interview in the hiring process and identify the special challenges it poses. Develop an outline and strategies to leave a great impression. practice mock telephone interviews.

MARCH weekend classes!!

CFT 376 - Funky Reliquary (Mar 2) 
Create a light hearted contemporary interpretation of a medieval reliquary, also known as a small shrine. Borrow form techniques used in medieval and Byzantine art to build and embellish a personalized shrine with a variety of materials both found and recycled objects.

WOI 314 - Bezel Set Sone Earrings NEW (Mar 2) 
Use metal cutting, shaping, soldering and finishing skills to contruct a silver bezel metal setting, apply the backing and place the stone. Shape and solder earring wires to complete the project.

HRY 357 -American Decorative Arts: Louis C. Tiffany (Mar 8)
Participate in a lecture on the lfie and artistic contributions of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Tour Baltimore to view his signature stained glass windows at Brown Memorial Church.

HST 308 - Annapolis: Portrait of a Small City (Mar 7-9)
Participate in a lecture followed by a tour of this historic gem. Learn about old Annapolis and its notable residents. Explore the architecture and visit various sites including the Naval Academy.

HRY 312 - Gettysburg in a Day (Mar 30)
Follow the Confederate and Union armies through the most important battle of the Civel War. Learn about Pickett's Charge and the actions of Ewell and Longstreet.

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