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Welcome back to AACC!  The financial aid office continues to be committed to assisting you through the enrollment process. For detailed information regarding your VA benefits, entitlement, and/or payment, visit the VA Education Benefits website.

Reminders for both Credit and Noncredit Students

  1. Check MyAACC, the Veterans Benefits Certification Status tab to resolve any issues from your last term.
  2. Submit all official transcripts to the records office.
  3. Confirm that your AACC program matches your VA program.
  4. Run a program audit through MyAACC to confirm your program requirements.
  5. Register for courses.
  6. Complete and submit the AACC Veterans Enrollment Verification Form and all other required forms to the financial aid office.
  7. Check MyAACC for updates and processing status.

Application Tips

  • Register early! AACC processing time may take up to four weeks during peak registration periods. VA processing time is at least 30 days.
  • You must renew your benefits every term by completing and submitting the AACC VA Enrollment Verification Form along with a copy of your Schedule of Classes.
  • Be very careful to fill out all forms accurately and completely. Errors and incomplete paperwork will delay the process.
  • Notify the financial aid office of any changes made to your program or schedule.
  • Check MyAACC regularly for the status of your enrollment.
  • Financial aid is available to all students. To start the financial aid process complete a FAFSA