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ACA-100 Student Success Seminar

Identify and examine college support services, faculty expectations, and academic planning. Investigate and practice the habits of successful students such as study skills, note taking and time management. Assess learning styles, career pathways, and set goals. Develop an academic plan and tools to facilitate academic success in a diverse learning environment.

Term: Spring 2020

Course Type: Credit - 1 Credit

Section: 006

Ways to take the class: Face-to-face

Days: TTH

Time: 12:30PM to 1:20PM

Start Date: 03/24/2020

End Date: 05/17/2020

Location: Arnold Campus

Room: FLRS 222 Building:
Thomas E. Florestano Sr.

Instructor: Peter Thoma Kaiser

Class Size: 24

Section Info: Section 006 is open to all, but students in SASP, BMI, and FYE programs are encouraged to enroll in this section.