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CCS-533 Vet Asst I: Outpatient, Diag

Veterinary Assistant 1: Outpatient, Diagnostics and Pharmacy | Learn basic components of office and exam room protocols plus outpatient, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and radiographic procedures as performed by an entry-level veterinary assistant. CEUs issued. $584 includes $131 fee. Corequisite: CCS 534 Veterinary Assistant 2: Inpatient, Surgery and Emergency. Students must enroll in OPA-353 Career Development. Note: Call 410-777-2970 or 410-777-7387 prior to registration.

Term: Winter 2020

Course Type: Noncredit - 4.5 CEUs

Section: 101

Ways to take the class: Face-to-face

Days: TTH

Time: 6:00PM to 9:15PM

Start Date: 01/14/2020

End Date: 03/03/2020

Location: Arnold Campus

Room: TBA

Instructor: Barbara A Barnes

Class Size: 15