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Trying to contact one of our faculty or staff members? You may be able to find the person on our Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, or Staff directory pages. If you are not sure how to spell the person's name, simply type in a portion of the person's first or last name in the search field below.

If you still can't find who you're looking for, try contacting a department or office from our 'Contact Us' page.

Please note: All phone extensions begin with the prefix '410-777.'

To reach an adjunct faculty member whose phone contact is a 9XXX extension or 410-777-9XXX, please call 410-777-1400 and at the message prompt, enter the extension listed for the faculty member you are trying to reach (ex: 9XXX). At that time you will be transferred
to the faculty member's voicemail.

Habeck, Susan L.CRSC 129 1148
Haddock, Janet L.
CALT 316 7086
Haggerty, Kellie, LLUDL 204B 2472
Halbig, Kathleen, ASSVC120J 2606
Hall, Barney G.CRSC 112G 2313
Hall, BrendaDRGN 238 2260
Hall, Edward RSSVC 211 2787
Hall, Lynda BSSTC 113 1828
Hannon, Kendel M.AMIL 404A 1977
Harlan, Shawn RHCAT 2ND FLOOR 1178
Harland-White, FaithCALT 127A 2961
Harley, J. KeithPLANT 102 2345
Harmel, Brandi LRESM 143 2275
Harper, Joseph J.CRSC 112I 2886
Harral, Patricia, MCRSC 349 2481
Harrington, EileenSSVC 224B 1911
Harris, Jill Z.LBRY 129 2553
Harris, KimberlySSVC-204 2465
Harris, Margaret S.JOHN 201A 2658
Harris, Phillip, GAMIL 113 1903
Harris, Ryan, M
Hawley, Jamie M.SSVC 140A 2746
Hayes, RolandaAMIL 105 1909
Hays, Karen, LLUDL 217A 2332
Heath, JudyLUDL 233 1177
Heath, Richard CSSVC 165 2204
Heddings, TaubeLUDL 213 2411
Heibel, James C.CRSC 110A 1226
Herbert, Monica, M 2009
Hernandez, Pablo, R
Herr, Duane, PGYM 203A 2346
Herring, DianaRESM 116 2502
Herring, Jacob, MCSB 140 1259
Herzog, Jean E.GBTC 502 2838
Hession, BettyGYM 139 2164
Hewes, Suzanne
Hickey, Robyn A.LUDL 202 2252
Hickman, LuanneSSTC 1826
High, Candace, NAMIL 105
Hildebrand, Drake, SCRSC 257 7265
Hill, Jovan, P
Hollamon, Hannah, ESSVC 150 2976
Holloway, Felicia, RAMIL 105-A 1912
Hooper, Detra D.SSVC 164 2539
Hopp, Deborah AFLRS 102 7070
Houston, James L.PLANT BOIL 2210
Howard, Laura E.CALT 113 7057
Howatt, DerekCSB 158 2209
Hubbard, Laurie A.SSVC 215
Hughes, Curtis, RRESM 118 2635
Hunter, Ernest P.CSB 164
Hunter, Myisha 2962