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Music to Her Tastebuds

Five years ago, if you had told Carrie Svoboda she’d be making a fig and apple tarte tartin with orange spiced ice cream and raspberry sauce for a three Michelin star chef in Scotland, she would’t have believed you. Learn how the former music teacher’s decision to finally pursue her first passion for baking transported her to a once-in-a-lifetime competition in Scotland after enrolling in AACC’s award-winning HCAT program.

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Sean Urbantke, Assistant Professor Performing Arts

How a childhood fascination with model trains led him to the stage

As a kid, Sean Urbantke liked model trains and the model landscapes that were built for them. That translated to increased interest in the set designs created as backdrops for television shows and movies. Later, when looking for a way to incorporate that interest into a career, he discovered theatrical design.

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AACC/AACPS Science Day 2016

Life lessons mix with science for students from Annapolis, Germantown and Georgetown East elementary schools at AACC Science Day.

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Nicole Williams, Coordinator and Professor of Human Services

Busy making change and not slowing down.

Caitlyn Jenner's transition, immigration, police as friend or foe... they're just some of the tough, and possibly uncomfortable, conversations tackled at " Meeting of the Minds," a discussion group hosted by the AACC Social Justice Collaborative this past semester.

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AACC Partnership with AACPS Helps Students Earn College Certificate

Thanks to a strong partnership with Anne Arundel County Public Schools, nine North County High students earned a certificate in transportation, logistics and cargo security from Anne Arundel Community College before walking across their own high school graduation stage. Armed with 18 college credits, the program’s first cohort joined a growing number of students aiming to save money on tuition while completing their degrees in less time – which also means a faster path to a good paying job.

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