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Nearly $1 Million in Private Scholarships Awarded

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Need continues to grow despite state support

Wingspan, Fall 2018

The AACC Foundation Inc. faces a new challenge with the advent of the Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship, which the Maryland General Assembly passed and Gov. Larry Hogan signed into law in the spring.

“We are grateful for the establishment of the new scholarship program, but we also know that these programs will not solve the financial challenges that many of our students face,” said Vollie Melson, executive director of the AACC Foundation.

Privately funded scholarships play a critical role in bridging the gap between the cost of education and students enrolling at AACC. Last year, the AACC Foundation awarded more than $900,000 in privately funded scholarships thanks to the generosity of its donors. 

“The need to provide students with financial aid and donor-funded scholarships will not go away as a result of this new law,” he said. “Not everyone understands that the need remains high.”

While an AACC education can be the catalyst for change and open doors for brighter futures, too often there are students who cannot pursue their academic dreams because the cost of higher education proves to be a significant barrier.

Every dollar invested in college scholarships contributes to the next generation of students building careers right here in our community.

“The gift of education is a wonderful investment in the future,” said Hank Libby, president of AACC Foundation and the Carol M. Jacobsohn Foundation. “Funding a private scholarship greatly benefits our society as a majority of our students live and work right here in Anne Arundel County.”


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2018 Scholarship Reception

The AACC Foundation recently hosted its annual scholarship reception, Investing in Student Success. Scholarship recipients and donors gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of AACC students and to thank the donors who make it possible for recipients to pursue their dreams of higher education.  

During the evening, Dr. Dawn Lindsay, AACC president, said, “I want to thank our donors for recognizing that one of the best ways to invest in the future of our community is by helping more people study at AACC. … Every gift matters at AACC.  Your giving will provide a high return on investment to our community for decades to come.”