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Summer 2019 Construction

Construction equipment used to build the new Health and Life Sciences Building.

You didn’t think it was possible, but It’s about to get even busier on campus! In addition to the Health and Life Sciences Building construction, from May 22 through the end of September we will:

  • Replace the Dragun Building roof
  • Upgrade HVAC equipment in the Math Building
  • Repair the second-story pedestrian bridge between the Student Union and Student Services Center.

These projects will impact pedestrian routes, some of the parking spots in lot A and a few classroom and study spaces.

Campus bus routes will not be impacted.

The Child Development Center and Kids in College will keep their communities informed. 

Summertime repairs are always planned, but we are fortunate to be able to make these much-needed upgrades all at once. Every effort is being made to make the disruption a little less painful. We’re grateful for the chance to get these facilities in better shape and confident the final product for our students, staff and faculty will be worth the effort. Thank you for your patience.

Dragun Building Roof Replacement

A small portion of Parking Lot A will be used to store roofing materials. Those with reserved spaces have been notified and alternative handicap parking spots are in the works. The map below details some pedestrian route changes due to this activity. As construction noise may impact the library, additional quiet study areas will be offered in the Center for Applied Learning and Technology Room 111, Florestano Building Room 116 and Careers Center Room 240.

Math Building HVAC Upgrades

The Math department will be housed in the Careers Center briefly during renovations. Offices can be found in Careers Center Room 254. The Child Development Center will not move and will employ the use of temporary cooling units.

Student Union and Student Services Center Pedestrian Bridge

At times, there may be pedestrian route changes, including the closure of the bookstore’s main entrance and alternate routes for ADA entry. Access will be via the Hawk’s Nest Grill & Deli or from the courtyard facing the library.

Map of pedestrian routes around summer construction.


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