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Anne Arundel Community College is committed to providing and maintaining a working and learning environment free from conflicts of interest, exploitation and/or favoritism. Consensual relationships where any evaluative and/or supervisory role exists create a conflict of interest and, therefore, a potential for exploitation and/or favoritism. A consensual relationship is any relationship willingly undertaken by both parties that is romantic and/or sexual in nature.

Anne Arundel Community College prohibits an individual from evaluating, supervising or making any employment decision, whatsoever, regarding an individual with whom he or she has a consensual relationship. This policy also prohibits any individual from providing academic instruction to and/or assessing an individual with whom he or she has a consensual relationship.

Consensual relationships between faculty and adult students where no evaluative and/or supervisory role exists are strongly discouraged, and any consensual relationship with a student under the age of 18 is prohibited.

The board of trustees hereby authorizes the president, or his/her designee, to develop and establish appropriate procedures to implement and enforce this policy.

For information regarding Anne Arundel Community College's compliance and complaints concerning consensual relationships contact the federal compliance officer and Title IX coordinator at or by telephone at 410-777-1239 or Maryland Relay at 711.