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We’re excited about the future at AACC.

We have learned a lot during this pandemic. We know how to collaborate in new ways and use new technologies to benefit our community. We will not return to the same as we were before the COVID pandemic began. We do not anticipate going “back to normal,” but rather using what we’ve learned to make changes that benefit our diverse student population.

Strategic Direction

We are guided by our vision to increase equity and inclusion and to be a premier online provider in Maryland. We will continue to innovate in how we deliver learning, support services and access to all of the audiences we serve. Our vision is a balance of in-person classes and services with online or remote classes and services.

To achieve our goals, we continue to hold fast to the college's values to:

  • Ensure the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff through:
    • Comprehensive planning that aligns with federal, state and county guidance
    • Support of the physical and mental well-being of our community
  • Meet ongoing student and employee needs by:
    • Creating an excellent learning experience between online and face-to-face instruction
    • Planning for flexible work and safe office environments
  • Help the college community move forward through:
    • Fiscal responsibility
    • Alignment with the college's mission and strategic plan
    • Equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Provide clear and consistent communications of current and future expectations, timely information and considerations of the college that impact students, employees and the community.

Recovery Teams

To succeed in our strategic direction, we have put together nine teams consisting of our amazing faculty and staff members. 

Policy Oversight and Steering Committee: President and vice presidents

As needed, legal counsel will be included in PVP Policy Oversight meetings.

Team 1 - Planning

Chaired by John Grabowski

  • Provide the framework that drives how the workforce and students may will maintain a physical presence on campus.
  • Monitor state and local directives and make recommendations to update the planning scenarios.
  • Respond to questions and suggestions from the teams that have planning-level impact and serve as advisory to the teams, as appropriate.

Team 2 - COVID Reporting

Chaired by Beth Mays

  • Maintain and update the college’s reporting protocols for tracking COVID symptoms, exposure and test results of employees and students.
  • Monitor COVID data and analytics and recommend strategies to PVP Policy Team and Planning Team that should be implemented to impact the safety of the college community.

Team 3 - Vaccine and Testing Implementation

Chaired by Melissa Beardmore and Felicia Patterson

  • Develop a plan to implement vaccine and testing plans for both employees and students consistent with the college’s policy-level decisions.
  • Develop subteams that include:
    • Project Management Team (responsible for overseeing the overall project)
      • Melissa Beardmore
      • Felicia Patterson
      • Rick Kralevich
      • Alisa Holbert
      • Tim McGowen
      • Amanda Sachs
    • Employee Implementation Team
      • Melissa Beardmore (chair)
      • Steve Berry
      • Suzanne Boyer
      • Erin Byrd
      • Riley Clark
      • Arlene Crow
      • Colleen Eisenbeiser
      • Erin Gable
      • Monica Herbert
      • Donna Hyman
      • Susan Kilgard
      • Beth Mays
      • Kellie McCants Price
      • Tim McGowen
      • Tanya Millner
      • Erin Parker
      • Michael Robinson
      • Amanda Sachs
    • Student Implementation Team
      • Owen Andrews
      • Tiffin Bumpass
      • Amberdawn Cheatham
      • Riley Clark
      • Pat Clarke
      • Deneen Dangerfield
      • Mary Dove
      • Sara Eger
      • John Grabowski
      • Duane Herr
      • Alisa Holbert
      • Hubert Kowalewski
      • Rick Kralevich
      • Beth Mays
      • Tanya Millner
      • Erin Parker
      • Dorothy Parrish Harris
      • Felicia Patterson (chair)
      • Lisa Phillips
      • Erin Reeder
      • Shannon Washburn
    • Testing Team
      • Melissa Beardmore
      • Suzanne Boyer
      • Deneen Dangerfield
      • Monica Herbert
      • Andrew Little (chair)
      • Beth Mays
      • Erin Parker
      • Felicia Patterson
      • Leigh Tobat

Team 4 – Finance and Logistics

Chaired by Andrew Little

  • Continue to monitor federal and state disbursements.
  • Develop and submit plans to PVP that provide for financial modeling and reporting upon request.
  • Facilitate the acquisition of appropriate support for the college’s vaccine and testing program.
  • Facilitate the acquisition and implementation of COVID-19 testing at college locations.

Team 5 – Coordinating Academic Program and Courses’ Return to Campus

Chaired by Tanya Millner

  • Identify and recommend guidelines for scheduling for each term until the college announces that the Reunite Teams are disbanded.

Team 6 - Student Services

Chaired by Bonnie Garrett

  • Develop protocols for providing consistent student support services across the college.
  • Develop and recommend student services policies, procedures and guidelines necessary for the promotion of a healthy campus to include physical and mental health for all students.
  • Proactively seek and incorporate student feedback into policies, procedures, protocols and/or guidelines
  • Create and update FAQs for students related to vaccines and testing.

Team 7 - Legal Issues

Chaired by Erin Parker

  • Review teams’ plans to identify and mitigate liability issues.
  • Create appropriate forms and documentation in support of Riverhawks Reunite plans.
  • Monitor federal, state and local regulations and share with PVP Policy Group.
  • Create and update medical and religious accommodation processes for employees and students.

Team 8 - Workplace Procedures and Environment

Chaired by Suzanne Boyer

  • Develop procedures and guidelines in support of in-person working for all employees.
  • Create and update FAQs for employees related to vaccines and testing.

Team 9 - Communications

Chaired by Dan Baum

  • Work with policy group to establish communications expectations and protocols within the Riverhawks Reunite team.
  • Provide clear and consistent communications to the college community that support the Riverhawks Reunite goals and values.
  • Support the work of the other teams by developing robust communication plans for the various audiences and assist other teams with communications to various audiences.
  • Proactively anticipate public relations issues and communicate them to the PVP group.
  • Monitor social media and work with traditional media as needed.
  • Develop a communication plan for vaccines and testing programs.