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ANT-120 Intro Biological Anthropology

Biological Anthropology is a branch of anthropology centered on the biological & behavioral aspects of humanity, our non-human primate "relatives," and our extinct hominin ancestors. This course will cover theories relating to biological evolution and its application to the human species. There is a specific focus on topics such as evolution, natural selection, primatology, paleoanthropology, biocultural adaptations, human variation, and current bioethical issues. Lastly, this course will introduce the scientific basis for examining how biological, physical, and cultural variations have allowed human populations to adapt to various physical environments around the world. Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENG 101/ENG 101A. Note: Also offered as ANT 120H; credit not given for both ANT 120 and ANT 120H.

Term: Summer 2024

Course Type: Credit - 3 Credits

Section: 200

Ways to take the class: Online

Start Date: 07/08/2024

End Date: 08/18/2024

Location: Online

Room: TBA

Instructor: Mary E Holden-Musser (Subject to change)

Class Size: 25 - Only a few seats left!

General Education Requirement: Science