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Featured Job Training

Job training programs are noncredit programs designed to prepare you for a new job or career in a variety of different industries, from business to health care to industrial technology and more. These programs are open to anyone, with no prerequisites, no experience or career qualifications required.

Check out this Child Development Associate (CDA) Special Training Opportunity!

Professional Development

If you’re already a working professional looking to maintain a certification, become licensed, earn a promotion or make more money, we encourage you to explore our professional development courses. These noncredit courses are offered in areas from marketing to accounting, construction to IT, electrical engineering to health care.

Continuing Education Certificates

computer lab students

A series of noncredit courses in a particular area can lead to a continuing education certificate that demonstrates to employers your mastery and expertise. In fact, many of the job training and professional development programs mentioned above are noncredit continuing education certificates.