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ART-247 Lithographic Printmaking

Learn the fundamentals of lithography. Explore the basic techniques (plate preparation, etches and counter etches), materials (crayon, tusche and new media), and print methods (working the press, ink, and paper) needed to create fine art lithographs. Lab fee $50. Prerequisite: ART 125 or permission of department chair.

Term: Fall 2024

Course Type: Credit - 3 Credits

Section: 001

Ways to take the class: Face-to-face

Days: T

Time: 12:00PM to 3:30PM

Start Date: 08/27/2024

End Date: 12/15/2024

Location: Arnold Campus

Room: CADE 310 Building:
Cade Fine Arts

Instructor: Christopher P Mona (Subject to change)

Class Size: 8 - Only a few seats left!