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Any person who has successfully completed a 45-hour Pre-Service Training offered by a Maryland MSDE/OCC-Approved Private Vendor may be eligible to take a challenge exam to receive articulated credits for the courses listed below. 

This includes high school students who have earned their 90-clock-hour certificate as part of their Child Development courses.

Requirements for Credit by Exam

In order to be eligible for articulated credits, the student must:

  • Submit documentation from a Maryland MSDE/OCC Approved Private Vendor verifying successful completion of the corresponding 45-hour Pre-Service Training(s). Date of completion must be within the past five years.
  • Apply to the college as an EDU degree-seeking student.
  • Successfully complete any course prerequisites for the course for which the student will test.
  • Complete required paperwork and pay a $75 fee per exam.
  • Score 80% or higher on the corresponding Challenge Exam.
  • Successfully complete the corresponding 15-hour AACC fieldwork course (for EDU 133 and EDU 247); tuition for each fieldwork placement is an additional $85.
  • Successfully complete corresponding fieldwork assignments.

AACC will award 3 credits per exam taken and passed after the student has successfully completed a corresponding 3-credit college course within the Education requirements for an EDU degree. AACC will indicate on the student’s transcript that these credits were earned by passing a Challenge Exam.

Getting Started

To discuss and verify eligibility to take the Challenge Exam, please contact the TEACH Institute at

Credit/Noncredit Equivalent Courses







Growth and Development

ECT 305

Child Care: Child Growth

and Development


Early Childhood: Methods and Materials

ECT 306

Child Care: Activities

for Young Children


Infant/Toddler Child Care

ECT 328

Group Care of Infants

and Toddlers


School-Age Child Care

ECT 370

Child Care: The School-Age