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Within each issue of Wingspan, our biyearly magazine, I like to draw attention to one of AACC’s core values. In the latest fall issue, I highlighted “positivity.”

Perhaps not as self-evident as the values of “innovation” or “community,” positivity represents the can-do spirit found at AACC. It begins with our students, many of whom balance their studies with full-time and part-time jobs as well as commitments to family. At every age, lifelong learners come to AACC to redefine who they are and who they want to be.

Positivity also reflects the collective attitude and commitment of our faculty and staff. We seek to meet our students where they are in their educational journeys and provide support at each step of the way. This may happen through programs designed for specific ages and groups of people or through one-to-one support offered by caring, dedicated professionals. I cannot begin to count the number of times I have heard a student thank a specific professor for taking the time to provide guidance and encouragement, which is often the difference between that student succeeding or giving up.

Positivity also translates to the impact all of this energy and hard work has on our community. Through increased skills, internships, clinical rotations and volunteer hours, our students and employees dramatically change lives for the better throughout our county and region. On a personal level, earning advance degrees, certificates and licensures can make a significant difference for individual families. I have met many single parents over the years who state that they came back to school to set an example for their children and to provide for a better life for their loved ones.

All of this positivity makes me optimistic about the future, especially as we begin the fall term. People have heard me say that while we can’t control the behavior of others, each of us can control our own behavior. We have influence as to how we treat our students and each other. At AACC we want everyone who visits, attends and works at our college – our community’s college – to feel valued. I often say that people have more to offer than we can know until we provide the right opportunities to demonstrate what they can do. When that happens, the results speak for themselves. Positively.

Dr. Dawn Lindsay



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