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Candice Mayhill

Candice Mayhill standing next to her kickbike with her dog. Water is in the background.
School of Liberal Arts 


Doctor of Philosophy 
English Literature with a Certificate in Rhetoric and Composition 
The Catholic University of America

Master of Arts 
English Literature 
The Catholic University of America

Bachelor of Arts 
English Language and Literature 
Goucher College


  • Camping
  • Kickbiking (Think of a bike mixed with a scooter.)
  • Rowing
  • Playing the harmonica
  • Spending time with her dogs
  • Working in her pollinator garden

A Little More

Candice Mayhill has a lot of energy. Her students will tell you that she talks too fast (which she acknowledges is true), but it’s just because she is so excited to share her passion for language and literature. Mayhill teaches in a seminar style, meaning she doesn’t lecture at you, she encourages your participation so others can learn from you. She might crack a few bad jokes, but the goal is to make you feel comfortable enough to speak up and share a bit of her energy.

Her enthusiasm isn’t contained to the classroom, either. If you walk by her office, which contains a large collection of Funkos, she’ll happily talk your ear off about what book you should read. She runs the English department's Instagram account and facilitates the Diversity Book Club for the Office of Student Engagement and the Office of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access and Leadership. Since joining the college in 2013, she’s won multiple awards for teaching and mentorship.

“I like meeting students wherever they are on their intellectual journey,” she said. “The students and what we can accomplish together in a classroom is my favorite part of being a professor.”

Mayhill loves pretty much everything about AACC: the trails, gardens, outdoor space and library. Sometimes the natural beauty of the campus even finds its way into her classes.

“We had a seminar on Emily Dickinson outside in the fall and watched butterflies emerging from their chrysalises,” she said. “Students here are open to the magic of everyday life. I love that.”

Outside of AACC, she can often be found engaging in one of her hobbies and spending time with her dog. She even has a large collection of T-shirts with her dog’s picture on them. And she pays special tribute to her love for the written word.

“I try to put one letter in the physical, old-school mail at least once per week. Analog style in a digital world!”


Book chapter: “Time on Water” in “Deep Beauty: Experiencing Wonder When the World is On Fire” 


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School of Liberal Arts

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