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Suzanne J. Spoor, Ph.D.

Suzanne Spoor walking through ruins
Transfer Studies 
School of Liberal Arts 


Doctorate of Philosophy 
Comparative Literature 
University of Maryland 

Master of Arts 
Comparative Literature 
University of Maryland 

Bachelor of Arts 
College of Wooster 


  • Social justice 
  • Writing 

A Little More

Suzanne Spoor’s philosophy of teaching is this: help students find their voices and grow.  Whether the class is on writing, African American literature, or gender studies, she designs the experience so that students encounter ideas they find outrageous, thereby uncovering more about themselves. “Seeing the world through other people’s eyes in literature opens a window into ourselves. If we write about that, we expand our minds,” Spoor said. 

A teacher to the core, Suzanne Spoor has taught math to adults in Chicago; French and music to boarding students in Northern Michigan; and composition to college students at the University of Maryland and Georgetown. By far the most genuine and resilient people she has ever taught are here at AACC, where she’s been content since 1999.  

In addition to being available to students as a certified engagement coach and transfer mentor, Spoor regularly helps produce social justice events at AACC for Women’s History Month, Black History Month, and Coming Out Week. “I’m crazy about creating new things with students and colleagues. Someone at AACC is always willing to collaborate and make something cool with me,” Spoor said. One of those creations was the Rainbow Network, a visible support network for LGBTQ+ folks at AACC, which Spoor co-founded. 

After work, Spoor rambles through ruins and writes. “Creativity and connection are my core values,” Spoor added. “The best writing, finally, is not about winning an argument or using clever rhetoric. It’s about connection with other people.” 


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