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Restaurant Cooking classroom

Sip, taste and savor authentic recipes with the help and guidance of experienced chefs at AACC's Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism (HCAT) Institute. Experience a “Top Chef” atmosphere in our two state-of-the-art kitchens located in Arnold and Glen Burnie, where we offer a variety of noncredit cooking classes for beginners and culinary experts alike. Classes are mostly held evenings and weekends and may be lecture, hands-on cooking or chef demonstrations.

Wine, Beer and Spirits

Novices and connoisseurs alike will enjoy our classes on spirits from around the world and from your own backyard. Increase your knowledge of wine and beer along with the production of both. Learn how to pair them with food and more. Classes feature not only lectures and discussions, but also tasting and evaluation. 

Note: Must be 21 or older to enroll.

CAW-335 Introduction to Bourbon and Rye

CAW-318 Mixology:The Home Bartender

CAW-328 The Whiskies of Scotland

CLN-358 Wine 101: Practical Basics

Event Planning

GME-327 Secrets of the Caterer (Offered in partnership with ed2go

The In-Home Classroom

In-Home Classroom courses are culinary demonstration classes taught by an HCAT chef in a video format. Students can watch and download the video. The video allows students to move at their own pace. Recipe packet and discussion are available with these online courses. 

CAW-325 Baking Bread at Home

CAW-397 Beekeeping for Beginners

CAW-390 Chinese Takeout At Home

CAW-394 Gluten Free Baking At Home

CAW-338 Holiday Meal Step by Step

CAW-395 Indian Cuisine At Home

CAW-389 Intermediate Bread At Home

CAW-392 Korean Cooking At Home

CAW-337 Mastering Classic Custards at Home

CAW-349 Mastering Classic Pies at Home

CAW-336 Mastering Cooking Basics at Home

CAW-348 Mastering Hand Rolled Pasta at Home

CAW-326 Mastering Pan Sauces at Home

CAW-393 Pizza School At Home

CAW-388 Sushi at Home

CAW-391 Whole Grain Breads At Home

Cooking Demonstrations

Learn how to prepare delicious meals online from a talented chef! 

COO-325 Luscious Low-Fat Quick Meals (Offered in partnership with ed2go)

Hands-on Cooking

We have a class for any dish you've ever wanted to learn to make, from soups, sushi, curries and truffles to specialty recipes for people with allergies, those who are vegan and anyone trying to lose weight.

August Classes

CLI-303 Preserve the Taste of Summer

CLI-396 Pickled Peppers and More

CLI-305 Backyard Barbecue

CLI-363 Alternative Baking

CLN-303 Creative Hors d'Oeuvres

September Classes

CLI-383 A Taste of Korea

C00-351 The Art of Pâte à Choux

CAW-330 Cooking Basics: Instant Pot Cooking

CLN-328 Hands-On Knife Skills

GME-319 Introduction to Artisan Bread Baking

CLI-341 Mastering Pan Sauces

CLN-360 New Twist on Classic Comforts

CLN-389 Pizza School

GME-340 Thai Cuisine

CLI-365 Whole Grains the Key Ingredient

October Classes

COO-379 All About Technique: Basic Sauces

CAW-316 All About Technique: Meatball

CAW-317 Baking Basics: Cheesecakes

CAW-321 Baking Basics: Chocolate Truffles

CAW-315 Canning and Jarring: Apples

CAW-313 Canning and Jarring: Soups and Vegetables

CLI-382 Cauliflower the Key Ingredient

CAW-312 Cooking Basics

CAW-320 Cooking Basics: Vegetarian

CLI-387 Cooking Low-Carb and Glycemic

COO-349 Focaccia, Pita and Flatbreads

CLI-360 Hand Rolled Bagels

GRT-317 If You Knew Sushi

COO-382 Scandinavian Baking



November Classes

CLI-372 The Art of Perfect Pies

CAW-319 Baking Basics: Biscotti

CUI-367 Intermediate Cake Decorating

CAW-322 Canning and Jarring: Holiday Gifts

COO-381 Chocolate Tempering at Home

CLI-325 Knife Skills II

CAW-301 Ramen-ology the Study of Ramen

CAW-396 Southern Hand-Rolled Pasta

GME-395 Sweet and Savory Crepes

CLI-342 Sweet and Savory Souffles

December Classes

CUI-304 The Basics of Soups

CUI-390 Chocolate and Confections

CUI-399 Cookie Exchange

COO-380 Dumplings Around the World

CAW-304 Gingerbread Houses

CAW-309 Holiday Breads

CAW-306 Sous Vide at Home: Extreme Accuracy Cooking

COO-314 Special Holiday Cookies

How to Enroll

The courses on this page are noncredit, meaning you won’t earn college credit toward a degree. You don’t need to apply. Just choose a program or course that interests you and check the Noncredit Schedule of Classes for a class that fits your needs.

Fall registration is now open!

Visit the noncredit registration page to learn more about enrolling in your course.

For help, email the Instructional Support Center or call 410-777-2325.