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Acronyms at AACC


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COBRA - Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act
COID - Council of Instructional Deans
COL - Carry Over Leave
COW - Computer on Wheels
CPE - Continuing Professional Education
CRRS - Careers Center
CSLI - Center for the Study of Local Issues
CSB - Central Services Building
CSS - Customer Support Services
CWS - Center for Workforce Solutions
DHS - Department of Homeland Security
DL - Distance Learning
DLLR - Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations
DOD - Department of Defense
DOL - Department of Labor
DOT - Department of Transportation
DORS - Department of Rehabilitative Services
DRA - Data Research Associates
DRGN - Dragun Building
DSS - Department of Social Services
DSS - Disability Support Services
EAP - Employee Assistance Program
EArmyU - Army University Online
ECS - Education Commission of the States
EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EMT - Emergency Medical Technician
EP&MT - Enrollment Management & Planning Team
EPC - Educational Policies and Curriculum
ESL - English as a Second Language
ETS - Educational Talent Search
FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid
FERPA -Family Education Rights & Privacy Act
FLRS - Florestano Building
FMLA - Family Medical Leave Act
FTE - Full Time Equivalent
FTM - Ft. Meade Center
FY - Fiscal Year
GBC - Greater Baltimore Committee
GBTC - Glen Burnie Town Center
GED - General Education Development
GWIB - Governor’s Workforce Investment Board
GPA - Grade Point Average
HCAT - Hospitality Culinary Arts and Tourism Institute
HPW&PE - School of Health Professions, Wellness and Physical Education
HUS - Human Services