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At Anne Arundel Community College, you’re considered a credit student if you’re pursuing a degree or taking courses for college credit. If you’re interested in being a credit student, applying and registering are as simple as these 7 steps:

1. Apply

The first step for Credit Students is to apply for admission to AACC. There’s no essay. You simply apply online and receive your acceptance in a matter of days.

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There is a separate application for international applicants. There are also additional application requirements for health science applicants and for students taking high school and AACC classes at the same time.

2. Explore Financial Aid and Scholarships

It’s never too early to explore the many financial aid and scholarship options available to you.

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3. Take a Placement Test

Depending on your academic background, you may need to take a placement test in order to be placed in the right courses. We’ll help you choose and schedule any necessary placement tests.

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4. Meet with an Advisor

We’ll connect you with an advisor who will help you plan and register for the right courses each term to keep you on track throughout your program.

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5. Register for Classes

Register and enroll in the actual courses you’ll take this term.

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6. Attend Orientation

At New Student Orientation, we’ll officially welcome you to the AACC family. You’ll meet other AACC students and receive all the information you need to get off to a great start.

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7. Make Your Payment

We offer lots of ways to pay, including payment plans to fit your budget.

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