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Acronyms at AACC


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PA - Physician Assistant Program
PACE - Personal Assessment of the College Environment
PBC - Planning and Budget Council
PCPA - Pascal Center for Performing Arts
PE - Physical Education
PEP - Performance Evaluation Program
PHA - Physician Assistant
PLNT - Plant
PMP - Performance Management Program
PRIA - Planning, Research and Institutional Assessment
PRM - Public Relations and Marketing
PSSO - Professional and Support Staff Organization
PTA - Physical Therapist Assistant Program
RAD TECH - Radiological Technology Program
RCG - Release Coordination Group
RESM - Resource Management
RFP - Request for Proposal
RNX - Pharmacy Technician
SA - Student Association
SAR - Student Aid Report
SASP - Student Achievement and Success Program
SEVIS - Student & Exchange Visitor Information Sys.
SCHZ - Schwartz Building
SL - Sick Leave
SLA - Service Level Agreement
SLB - Sick Leave Bank
SPC - Strategic Planning Council
SRF - Service Request Form
SSTC - Sales and Service Training Center, AMIL
SSVC - Student Services Center
STARS - Student Admissions & Records System
SUN - Student Union Building
T3 - Teacher Technology Training
TABE - Test of Adult Basic Education
TECH COUNCIL - Committee to review and prioritize technology related budget items
TFO - The Faculty Organization
TLA - Teaching and Learning Advancement
TLC - Technology Learning Center
TPPW - Technology Policies and Procedures Workgroup
TSA - Tax Shelter Annuity
UMUC - University of Maryland University College
USCIS - US Citizenship and Immigration Services