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Anne Arundel Community College’s governing board is comprised of eight trustees who are appointed by the governor with Maryland Senate advice and consent (Code Education Article, secs. 16-101 through 16-103).

Trustees each serve a term of six years with the exception of the student trustee, who serves for one year. The board elects a chair and vice chair annually.

Student Member Selection
The college seeks applications each spring for the student member of the Board of Trustees. Applicants are interviewed by a committee of students and staff. The committee recommends the candidate to the AACC president, who sends the candidate's name to the governor's office for appointment.

2015-2016 Board of Trustees

Arthur D. Ebersberger, Chair

The Rev. Dr. Diane Dixon-Proctor, Vice Chair


  • Anita H. Delaporte, Special Assistant to the President (410) 777-2500
  • Kathleen A. Janssen, Assistant to the Board of Trustees (410) 777-2880

Trustees Emeritus

  • H. Stafford Bullen, 1998 (Deceased)
  • Robert J. DiAiso, 1998
  • Gene E. Floyd, 2009
  • T. Sue Gladhill, 2008
  • Irene E. Newhouse, 1991
  • Donald C. Roane, M.D., 2006
  • Dr. Lila R. Schwartz, 1990 (Deceased)
  • Robert P. DeStefano, 1995 (Deceased)
  • Leo C. Eckert, 1982 (Deceased)
  • Richard A. Gillespie, 2001 (Deceased)
  • Walter S. Mills, 1988 (Deceased)