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Meet Mary Cahill-Kindrat

photo of Mary Kindrat
Mary Cahill-Kindrat is an advising services assistant in the Counseling, Advising and Retention Services Office.

Mary knows first-hand how difficult it is to return to school 20 years after completing high school.  She made the decision ten years ago that she needed educational credentials to get a better job. After she raised her three children, it was time to go back to school, so she started on her journey. 

Starting from “scratch” wasn’t easy.  She had to take many remedial courses to prepare her for college-level work.  AACC offered evening and weekend classes that permitted her to work a full-time job.  It was easy to develop a support system at the college because she met so many people that were adult students like herself and she formed study groups to help when it came to exam time. She also took full advantage of the academic advising available at the college so she had the confidence that she was on the right track.

It was actually one of the professors at the college who got her started on her career.  She was required to do a community service project in her psychology class and she was steered towards peer advising since she could relate so well to other adult students.  One thing led to another and she currently works as an advising services assistant in the Counseling, Advising and Retention Services (CARS) office.  She just completed her bachelor’s degree and is considering a master’s degree in order to advance in this field. If you come to the CARS office on a Thursday evening in the fall, Mary might just be the person you meet to get you started on your own journey.

In Mary’s own words, “My advice for someone that is contemplating returning to school, to either finish a degree or make a career change, would be to certainly consider enrolling in classes at Anne Arundel Community College.  The first step is to meet with an academic advisor. It is a great place to begin your journey!”