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Calculating Your G.P.A.

Your Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) at Anne Arundel Community College is calculated as follows:

1. To determine Quality Points Earned, numerical points must be assigned to each letter grade:  A = 4; B = 3; C = 2; D = 1; F = 0

Noncredit courses, Ws, WFs and WPs are disregarded in calculating Grade Point Averages.

2. To determine Quality Points Earned in each course, multiply the Quality Point Value (see step 1) for the assigned letter grade by the number of Credit Hours Attempted for the course:

Quality Point Value x Credit Hours Attempted = Quality Points Earned
i.e.: Eng 111 (3 credit hours) X A (4 quality points earned) = 12 quality points earned

3. Add the Quality Point Value for all classes to arrive at Total Grade Points earned during a semester.

4. To determine your Semester G.P.A., divide the grade point total by the total number of credit hours attempted:

Quality Points Earned divided by Hours Enrolled = Semester G.P.A.
i.e.: 38 total quality points earned divided by 18 credit hours attempted = 2.11 G.P.A. for the semester

5. The Cumulative Grade Point Average is calculated the same way as the semester G.P.A. except that ALL of the student’s Credit Hours Attempted are included in the calculation.