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Faculty Referral System Overview
AACC’s Counseling, Advising and Retention Services (CARS) partners with faculty to provide timely feedback to students when concerns exist about student performance, attendance, or participation.

With a click of the mouse:

  • Faculty teaching in a traditional classroom setting can refer students who have never attended, are frequently absent, frequently late, missing work, or have poor grades.
  • Faculty teaching online sections can refer a student who has never logged on, is currently inactive in the course, is missing work, has poor grades, or has missed a mandatory meeting. Faculty can choose between two general recommendations: Could Successfully Complete “CSC” or Should Withdraw “SW”. Each recommendation is associated with a list of student actions.

The electronic system takes information provided by the faculty member and creates an e-mail sent in real time to the student’s college e-mail account and sends a copy to CARS. The e-mail identifies the course, faculty member, and the reasons for concern, and provides a relevant list of student actions including: live links to online student services, tutoring, study skills workshops, advisor e-mail addresses and phone numbers, college information services, important dates and deadlines, technical assistance, etc.

Just in case students are not checking their student e-mail accounts, advisors send each student a copy of the e-mail through regular mail along with information contained in the links associated with each recommendation.

Additionally, the student management system records each referral date, reasons for concern and recommendations in each student’s electronic file, and those students with referrals are then targeted for follow-up. Students who receive an interim grade of U or UX are required to meet with an advisor.