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Physician Assistant Class of 2015

How Do I Apply For Aid?

Complete all the following applications for each academic year:

  When Do I Apply?

  • Each FAFSA covers one academic year (Fall-Spring-Summer). 
  • The best time to apply is between January 1 and March 1 of the prior academic year.   
  • For state scholarships, you must submit your FAFSA by March 1. If you miss this deadline, apply as soon as possible after it.
  • PA students must file one FAFSA for their first summer semester and another for the following Fall, Spring, and Summer terms, and then a third FAFSA for the second year of the program. See PA Chart PDF for more information.

On the FAFSA, Am I a Graduate or Professional Student?

  • NO - not during the first year of the program. AACC’s PA program is an undergraduate program that awards a professional certificate. During the first year of the program, when you complete your FAFSA, you must indicate that you are pursuing a “certificate program”and that you are not a graduate student.
  • YES - during the second year of the program, you will be a graduate student; see next question.

How Does The MMS Program Through St. Francis University Work?

  • During the second year, you will be on a consortium agreement between AACC and SFU. While you are completing the MMS degree from St. Francis University, you will be considered a graduate student, and you must complete all second year aid/loan forms through SFU instead of AACC. SFU will process your financial aid; however, you are still responsible for paying the tuition bills at AACC. 

What Kind of Aid Is Available?

  • Because you have a Bachelor’s degree, you are ineligible for some types of aid, including the Federal Pell Grant. However, most PA students are eligible for Federal Direct Loans and/or Private Loans. You may also be eligible for State Scholarships, if you submit your FAFSA by March 1.

What Type of Loans Are Available?

  • Subsidized Federal Direct Loans require financial need and are interest free during school.
  • Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loans do not require financial need, and are not interest free during school.
  • Private LoansView more information 
  • If you are a Dependent student, your parents are eligible to apply for a Federal PLUS loan while you are an undergraduate student at AACC. 

How Much Can I Borrow?

  • Federal Stafford Loans: See PA Chart.PDF
  • Private Loans & PLUS Loans:  Maximum amount is the cost of attendance (as determined by the Financial Aid Office) less any financial aid awarded. The AACC and SFU aid offices define standard Cost of attendance budgets based on estimated tuition, fees, books, supplies, transportation, and living expenses for the PA program. 

Financial Aid and Veterans Benefits

The primary role of the Financial Aid office is to provide financial assistance to students and families, allowing them to participate fully in the total educational experience. We encourage all students to apply for federal financial assistance by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Please list AACC's Title IV Code (002058) on the FAFSA. More detailed information is available in the current AACC catalog and on the website.