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AACC Institutional Scholarships FAQs

Anne Arundel Community College offers more than 200 different institutional scholarships created and administered by the Anne Arundel Community College Foundation and funded through the generous donations of private individuals and groups.

Each scholarship has its own requirements based on merit, financial need, program of study, field of study and other considerations. All students are encouraged to apply by completing a single application.  All applicants must also complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Who is eligible to apply for Institutional Scholarships?

Any current or prospective credit student (full or part-time) who has completed the Anne Arundel Community College Admissions Application and declared a program of study can submit a Scholarship Application. To receive scholarship funds, students must meet all eligibility requirements for federal title IV aid, including submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the current school year. Students must also provide any additional requested documents to the Financial Aid Office.

Can an individual apply for a scholarship before registering for classes? (Including prospective high school graduates, students seeking a GED or completing an approved home school program)?

Yes. Students new to AACC who are starting an eligible credit degree program are eligible for many of the institutional scholarships. Some scholarships are specifically set aside for new AACC students. High school students will be required to provide an official high school transcript prior to the review deadline. New credit students must complete the Anne Arundel Community College Credit Admissions Application and have access to their MyAACC online account.  

 How do I apply?

Follow the link below and log in to your MyAACC and then select "Apply for AACC Scholarship."

AACC Institutional Scholarship Application

Is there a time limit while I am filling out the application?

Yes. Please be advised that the scholarship application will time out. It is highly encouraged that you preview the essay questions at the bottom of the application. Prepare your answers for the three essay questions in a Word document and copy and paste them into your application. Essay questions can weigh heavily in the consideration of eligible candidates and should be between 150 to 500 words in length. All questions must be answered or you will not be able to submit the application.

How do I know whether my application was submitted?

The easiest way to determine whether an application was submitted is to attempt to fill it out again. If you are able to get into the application again, you will know that it was not submitted. Students can only fill out the application one time per year.

Can I make changes to the application after submitting it?

Yes, students can make changes to the application after completing it online by submitting the changes in writing to the Financial Aid Office.  Please carefully review your application online before hitting the “Submit” button.

What are the deadlines?

Students must complete the FAFSA and receive an award letter from the AACC Financial Aid Office before the scholarship application will be considered.

Priority Consideration Deadline – April 15

Late Consideration – July 20

Students will be able to submit applications after these deadlines to be considered for Spring awards.

How does the selection process work?

After the priority deadline passes, the Scholarship Committee reviews all applications, drawing from data provided on the application and the student's records (GPA, program of study, residency, etc.). Each scholarship has its own criteria, and the Committee attempts to find the best qualified applicants.  If no qualified applicants are found during the first round of awarding, the Committee will review applications submitted after the priority deadline.

How will I be notified?

After completing the online application, students will receive a confirmation e-mail through MyAACC.

Students who are awarded will receive a notification e-mail that will explain which scholarship they were awarded, the amount, the criteria, and how to send a thank-you note.

Students who submitted an application, but are not selected to receive a scholarship, will receive notification via e-mail after the final selections have been made (Note: applications are kept on file for the entire academic year in case scholarships become available).

If selected, is there anything else required of the student in order to receive the award?

If selected for a scholarship, recipients must agree to:

·        Continue to meet all criteria listed for the Scholarship.

·        Write a letter of thanks to the scholarship sponsor(s). This information will be provided to the student in the notification e-mail.

·        Attend the Anne Arundel Community College Foundation scholarship recognition event to thank donors and promote the scholarship program, if your class and work schedule allows.

Can a scholarship be rescinded?

Yes, Anne Arundel Community College reserves the right to pull back scholarship funds at any time if deemed necessary by the Scholarship Committee. This can occur if the student no longer meets the stated criteria for the award, or for student misconduct.

If you are suspended from receiving financial aid for failing to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements, you are not eligible to receive institutional scholarships. In order to have your scholarship reinstated, you must submit a SAP Appeal and an Academic Success Plan to the Financial Aid Office for review.  If your appeal is approved and you are granted probation, you may still be eligible to receive your award if all other eligibility criteria are met.