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FAQs About the Architecture Department

The Architecture and Interior Design Department has developed into a comprehensive department offering many options and certificates. As our discipline and offerings are unique among community colleges, we are often asked similar questions. Below is a list of the more common questions, but please feel free to contact the department chair, Professor Michael Ryan at 410-777-2437 or if you have any other questions regarding our program.

Why go to AACC to study architecture, interior design construction management or landscape architecture?

Because our program has been rated number one in the state and our college is one of the top rated in the country! Plus our students do great work - just look at the Awards and Recognition Page and see how our students win regional, state and national awards.

What makes your department special?

Since seven of our faculty members started their careers in our department, we have been able to develop our curriculum to meet the needs of the industry and the requirements of transfer schools based on our own experience. An active group of highly specialized adjunct faculty adds to our program by bringing their expertise into the classroom. All of the full time professors are also practicing professionals (check out our Faculty Page).

How successful are your transfers?

Very! Our students will typically transfer with all of their credits. Placement in a design studio is based on the student’s portfolio. Our students will typically perform better in the transfer school than transfer students from other colleges, and will frequently be honored with awards and achievements at the university. As there are three former graduates of our program now teaching as professors (one now the department chair), you make the judgment. Check out our Transfer Page for more information.

Is there any special acceptance or application procedure to get into your program?

No, our program is an open enrollment program. Application is through the normal procedures of the admissions department.

Is there anything I can do in high school to better prepare for your program?

Yes, our department maintains an articulation agreement through Program Pathways that will allow you to earn college credit for our courses here, in your high school now. There is no charge for these credits and you are waived from taking ACH 111 or ACH 121 which are required in every AAS degree and certificate option offered in the department. Check out our High School Student Page.

Where are your classes offered?

Because of the unique facilities required for our classes, all department classes are offered in the state of the art CALT building on the main campus in Arnold. Other required general education classes can be taken at any AACC campus location.

Do you have any distance education classes?

Because of the same reason mentioned above, our facilities require our department courses to be offered at the main campus. We do offer some courses as hybrids, but the vast majority are face to face courses. Other required general education classes are often offered in a distance learning format.

What kind of facilities and software do you have?

Our studios include traditional drawing and CAD. Our CAD labs feature current versions of AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, and PhotoShop. We have new state of the art computers, a 3D printer, five full-sized color plotters, six color laser printers, large format photocopier, blueprint machines, color copiers, and scanners (up to 42" wide). In addition we have a construction lab for larger work.

Does all this great technology cost me anything extra?

No. Your lab fees cover the cost of using the facilities and technology in our labs. All you need to provide are your personal drawing and project supplies.

What kind of jobs do your graduates get?

Typically, our students get the same job as a university graduate. The difference is that our students are able to start their work experience much sooner than if one were to go to a traditional university program.

What is a portfolio and why is it important?

A portfolio is a “brochure” of your work. Universities require it for acceptance and employers require it for an interview. You need to save ALL of your work as you go through our program, even preliminary sketches as they show the process of design. Portfolios are required in universities and are something you will have throughout your design career.