Future Students

High School Students Interested in Department Programs

Design for a Cube House using a predefined vocabulary of architectural elements.

Are you in high school now and interested in studying architecture, interior design or construction management? Interested in earning free college credit for the work you are doing in high school? You can take drafting courses, architectural drawing courses, art courses, carpentry and building construction courses either at your high school (if available) or at one of the county's Centers for Applied Technology. If you follow and meet the requirements of the career pathways identified through what is called "Program Pathways," you may receive free college credit for your high school coursework and be placed in a more advanced college course.

There is a way that you can jump start your college career by taking courses in your high school that can count toward courses required in our curriculum. Program Pathways is the way! This option is available for students registered in Anne Arundel County Public Schools. You can get college credit (free of charge) for our ACH 111 - Architectural Design 1 and/or ACH 121 - Architectural Material and Methods 1 courses.  Both courses are required in every degree and certificate in our department.

AACC Areas of Study Brochure contains a concise listing of academic, vocational, and continuing education program options at AACC and serves as a resource to increase awareness of postsecondary options. 

To qualify for the ACH-111 - Architectural Design 1 Credit PDF

  1. You need a minimum of three semesters of drafting, one of which has to be architectural drawing with a grade of B or better.
  2. Download the request form from AACC's Program Pathways Web pages.
  3. Have your high school Technology Education teacher sign the form (thus recommending you for the credit).
  4. Make an appointment with the architecture department chair to show a portfolio of your work. You can additional credit for ENT-241 - Computer Aided Drafting (which can then be substituted for the ACH 245 requirement) if you are a drafting/CAD completers at one of the Centers for Applied Technology.

High school students must demonstrate that they have the abilities to draw:

  • Plans
  • Sections
  • Elevations
  • Axonometrics or isometrics
  • One point perspectives
  • Two point perspectives
  • All of the above using appropriate line weights and architectural lettering

To qualify for the ACH-121 - Material and Methods 1 Credit PDF

  1. You would need to have completed the Building Construction Program at the Center for Applied Technology South (CAT-S) or the Carpentry Program at the Center for Applied Technology North (CAT-N) with a grade of B or better. 
  2. Download the request form from the Program Pathways Web pages.
  3. Have your high school Technology Education teacher sign the form (thus recommending you for the credit).

Credits are assigned once the student has successfully completed 6 credits at the college with a grade of C or better.