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Interior Design Option

The Architecture and Interior Design Department’s Interior Design OptionPDF has been created to address two main educational goals: to prepare those who wish to transfer, and to prepare those who wish to go into the workforce and start their career. Frequently, our students do both. Students are prepared to enter the interior design profession, or one of the many related design careers. We are also very proud to offer a unique Advanced Interior Design CertificatePDF that is based on completing the AAS degree. An active and award winning ASID club allows students to broaden their educational experiences and network with the profession.

Students may also transfer to one of the many schools with which we have developed an agreement. All transfers are dependant on a review of a student’s portfolio, so students are encouraged to keep all their drawings and assignments (even schematic sketches) for later use in their portfolios. Firms also review portfolios as part of the interview process.

Degrees and Certificates:
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First Year:

  • ACH 100 - Introduction to Interior Design
    • Introduces the student to the responsibilities and realities of the Interior Design profession.
  • ACH 104 - Materials and Methods for Interior Design 1
    • Introduces basic interior finish materials and their applications
  • ACH 105 - Textiles and Textile Applications
    • Introduces the student to textiles, their construction and their application
  • ACH-106 - Residential Design Studio
    • Focuses on residential design aspects.
  • ACH-111 - Architectural Design 1
    • Basic drafting skills and drawing conventions: plans, sections, elevations, axonometrics and one and two perspectives; introduces basic design principles and problem solving.
  • ACH-121 - Architectural Materials & Methods 1
    • Residential wood light frame and masonry building techniques and methods.
  • ACH-201 - History of Interior Design
    • Presents an overview of the history of design as in relates to interiors. Includes both the structure and interior spaces including furniture, finishing and details.

Second Year:

  • ACH-202 - Space Planning
    • Focuses on the planning and layout of commercial interior spaces including offices, retail and businesses.
  • ACH-203 - Commercial Design Studio
    • Focuses on commercial design aspects.
  • ACH-204 - Interior Construction Detailing
    • Focuses on designing, detailing and documenting interior spaces, furnishings and three dimensional designs.

Specialty Courses:

  • ACH-242: Environmental Systems for Design
  • CAD Electives: AutoCAD for Design, Building Information Modeling (Revit), Digital Studio (SketchUp and 3D Printing), 3D Studio Max

    Please Note: There are other general education courses and degree requirements. Please consult current college catalog for complete information.