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Professor Richard Luxenburg

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I’ve always wanted to be an artist and as Pablo Picasso said “all children are artists – it’s just that they grow up.” I guess I haven’t grown up. I still like to draw, color and build models. Architecture has allowed me to express these creative needs by combining art, technology and employment.

After 30 years in the profession of architecture, I can honestly say that it has been nothing short of amazing to have lived and seen the impact of computers in the practice of architecture. Computers have changed all our lives, but it has so radically changed how we work on the design of buildings that it truly boggles the mind. Gone are the days of the romanticized artist at the drawing table. Today, it’s computer aided design (CAD) technology that produces dimensionally errorless drawings and models buildings in 3D.

When not teaching I stay current in the profession by working for an award winning architectural firm near my home in Baltimore where I work on custom homes, schools, and synagogues. The firm is the nation’s leader in synagogue design. My greatest project to date, however, has been the raising of my two children who are now 17 and 24 years old.

I love all sports whether participating in golf, tennis, biking, and swimming, or being a spectator of sports like football (the Ravens or any 22 players), lacrosse, and basketball. I enjoy watching little league, the pros or college – it’s all exciting to me.

I have traveled extensively through Europe, South America, the Middle East, and especially the United States. I fell in love with Florida when I went to graduate school at University of Florida (go Gators) and I hope to retire there some day.

  • Credentials:
    Bachelor of Architecture, University of Maryland
    Master of Building Construction, University of Florida
    Licensed Architect, State of Maryland
    Member American Institute of Architects, Baltimore Chapter
  • Professional Experience:
    Levin/Brown Inc., Architects
    Private Practice, Richard J. Luxenburg, Architect
    Partnership Practice, Luxenburg/Ryan, Architects
    Principal Owner, Professional Design Associates, Inc. .
  • Courses Taught:
    Architectural Design 1, 2, 3 and 4
    Architectural Materials and Methods 1 and 2
    Construction Documentation
    Cost Estimating
    Professional Practices
  • Favorite Architects:
    Santiago Calatrava, Antonio Gaudi, Tadao Ando, Frank Lloyd Wright, Waro Kishi
  • Favorite Designs Visited:
    Cathedral de la Sagrada Familia, Milwaukee Art Museum, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Fallingwater
  • Pet Peeve:
    “Lemmings” - people who follow the crowd and don’t stop to think for themselves (“herd mentality”)
  • Quote:
    “Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”