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Black History Month 2017

black history month

Celebrate Black History Month at AACC!
We have events to entertain, educate and inspire. The college not only celebrates black culture in the United States, but the contribution of blacks in the Americas, thus making them African Americans as well.

Feb. 1 
              Race in the Workplace Part II
              Soul food luncheon
             "Intimate Conversations Over Lunch"
              Noon - 2pm
              CALT Building Room 100

Feb. 3 
             Visit To National African American Museum
             Washington, DC 
             Noon - 4pm ( buses depart at 11am )
             Cost: $5 for students, $10 for faculty and staff.
             Student tickets can be purchased Jan. 18, 19 and 20 at the office of Student Engagement
             in SUN 202. ( one ticket per person ).
             The college community can purchase tickets Jan. 23 and later, ( one ticket per person).

Feb. 13- 24 
                  The Race Card Project ( www.theracecardproject.com)
                  Description: Students, staff and faculty are invited to share their observations and
                  experiences about race on the AACC Race Card Wall. Wall displays can be found in
                  the SUN Dining Hall, CRSC Building (1st floor ), and CALT Building, (1st floor ).

                "Which Lives Matter"
                 by Activist Monti Washington.
                 An intense educational lecture exploring history, stereotypes and conditioning that
                 separate and divide our community and nation.
                 3pm - 5pm
                 Pasqual Center for Performing Arts

Feb. 22

               African American Mobile Museum
               Exhibit: Through rare photos, albums, magazines, posters and other memorabilia,
               the 3M's exhibit celebrates the legacies of three of the most influential icons in
               American history, Michael Jackson to Motown to Martin Luther King Jr.
               10am - 6pm
               Student Union Building
               1pm - 2pm
               Lecture will be given by Museum Founder Khalid el-Hakim.
               HUM Building, Room 112


Feb. 24 

               Seventh Annual Black Male Summit
               RSVP: February 13, 2017
               6pm - 9pm
               CALT Building, Room 100