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Maryland Stationary Engineer Certification

Prepare to be a Maryland Certified Stationary Engineer at AACC.

If you have experience in facilities maintenance, HVAC systems or boiler maintenance and would like to prepare for the Maryland Board of Stationary Engineers licensing exam, then you will want to consider this important exam preparation training from AACC. Stationary engineers and boiler operators control and maintain ventilation and air systems, including boilers, chillers, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, condensers and compressors, and the Maryland Board of Stationary Engineers requires all people providing stationary engineer services in Maryland to be licensed. More exam information

Certificate code: CE.ST-ENGR-PREP

Photo of HVAC system.

What is the job outlook?
Maryland stationary engineers and boiler operators earn an average annual salary of $54,500. Growth for these jobs is slightly slower than average at 5 percent; however, continuing commercial and industrial development will increase the amount of equipment that needs to be operated and maintained. Although automated systems and computerized controls are making newly installed equipment more efficient, experienced workers will be needed to maintain and repair these complex systems.

What is the training?
AACC offers two noncredit courses to prepare for the Maryland stationary engineers exam, grades 1 through 5, given by the state of Maryland. Each course can be completed in less than three months and will cover the basics of low-pressure and high-pressure boilers, computer-assisted combustion controls; hydronic heating systems; basic electrical, refrigeration and HVAC systems; fire prevention and safety; and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers code requirements. Total Hours: 72

What courses will I take?
OCA 310 - Preparation for Maryland Stationary Engineer Certification 1
OCA 311 - Preparation for Maryland Stationary Engineer Certification 2

What credentials can I earn?
Upon successful completion, students will earn an AACC continuing education certificate and will be prepared to take the Maryland Board of Stationary Engineers licensing exam. Learn more about the exam. To receive the AACC certificate students must complete and submit the form to our office. The form and instructions can be found at

What will it cost?
$257 per course, for Anne Arundel County residents, including tuition and fees. 

What are the requirements?
Students must be at least 16 years old; however, to be successful, will need experience in HVAC systems or boiler maintenance. See if you qualify to take the Maryland state exam.

How do I enroll?
Register online, in person, by fax, mail or touch-tone phone. Use certificate code CE.ST.-ENGR-PREP. Visit for details.  

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For more information contact Megan Stakolosa at 410-777-7387 or