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Professional Bookkeeper

­Be competitive in today’s tough job market and begin a career in bookkeeping with training that builds solid skills in financial computation and data management. This program prepares students to take the Professional Bookkeeper Certification Examination. This training is perfect for people entering the workforce, changing careers, or enhancing their skills. 

This accelerated cohort program is also offered in a hybrid format. Most of the schoolwork is done online but you will be required to attend class twice a week at the Arnold campus.­

Evening (2 days a week for 34 weeks)

Evening Hybrid Fall 2013 Program Dates (34 weeks)

SESSION 1: August 24 - November 8, 2013           2 classes
SESSION 2: November 11 - February 14, 2014      2 classes
SESSION 3: February 17 - May 16, 2014               2 classes

Students may join program at the beginning of each session, if they've met the prerequisites..

Mandatory classroom sessions:
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Evening Hybrid Spring 2014 Program Dates (34 weeks)

SESSION 1:  January 22 - April 11, 2014
SESSION 2 April 11 - June 27
June 30 - September 19

Students may join the program at the beginning of each session, if they've met the prerequisites.

Mandatory classroom sessions:
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:00 - 8:30 p.m.

What is the job outlook?
The average annual salary of professional bookkeeper is $39,000 and expected to grow by 14 percent through 2018, which is about as fast as average for all occupations.

What is the training?
The accelerated cohort program consists of six classes that can be taken in a 34 week evening hybrid format. The program is designed to have  three 11 week sessions with students taking 2 classes in each session. Students learn to compute, classify, and record numerical data to keep financial records complete.

What courses will I take?
Students must attend an orientation to enroll in the program.

Session 1
BPA 211 - Principles of Accounting 1
BPA 162 - Business Communications

Session 2
BPA 212 - Principles of Accounting 2
BPA 217 - Small Business Accounting

Session 3
BPA 241 - Intermediate Accounting 1
BPA 214 - Professional Bookkeeper Keystone

What credentials can I earn?

Successful students earn 18 credits and a certificate in Professional Bookkeeping. Students will also be able to take the national Professional Bookkeeper Certification examination.

What will it cost?
$2300 for Anne Arundel County residents, including tuition and fees.

Financial Aid: Maryland Part-Time Grants are available for credit courses. Students must demonstrate financial need and register for at least 6, and not more than 11 credits that lead to a degree or certificate. For more information, contact AACC's Office of Student Financial Services at 410-777-2203 or

What are the requirements?
Student must have a high school diploma or have passed the GED exam and demonstrate eligibility for “Composition and Introduction to Literature” (ENG 111). Students must also take the Arithmetic Placement Test PDF and score 27 or better. For more information about this requirement, consult the college catalog or contact the program coordinator.

How do I enroll?
The program coordinator at 410-777-2925 to schedule a meeting to review program requirements and assist with registration.

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For more information contact Pam Polgreen at 410-777-2925 or