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Ramses Gerais on phone at the Sarbanes Center

To ensure the safety of our students, employer partners and AACC staff, the internship office is closed for physical visits. We will provide services remotely. Contact us at for your appointment.

Internships at AACC welcomes the opportunity to work with students and employers who seek to connect and explore internship options. We work to match skills and talents of AACC students to support and grow an organization.

What is an Internship?

An internship offers on-the-job work experience related to your major that includes an employer mentor and a faculty advisor. The internship experience has a start date and an end date and can be taken for credit or done independently without credit.

From August 2019 to June 2020, 284 AACC students participated in credit-based internships. Internships are an integral part of the learning, exploration and your own professional growth progress. The most important takeaway about doing an internship is for you to get experience!

Do you need help on where to start? The Sarbanes Center for Career and Civic Engagement can help. Our team can help you engage with employers while also supporting businesses to meet their work needs. The goal for our team is to facilitate this process and connect with our community partners!

Before You Get Started

Before searching for an internship, you need to have an idea of the experience you want to gain. You also need a résumé documenting the education and experience you already have.
What do you need?

I know the internship experience I want and my résumé is ready. How do I begin my search?

You can begin your search by registering on the College Central Network (CCN), AACC’s searchable database. Register, upload your résumé for employers to see and then start reviewing internship postings from employers. 

I want an internship but I’m not sure what type of position I should pursue or how to begin my search.

Schedule an appointment with AACC’s internship coordinator to explore options. Send an email to

I need a résumé.

Visit Employment Services for guides and workshops that will help you develop your résumé, cover letter and interview techniques. Use these templates to begin documenting your education and experience:

I have a résumé, but it needs to be reviewed.

We’re happy to give you feedback on your résumé. Contact AACC’s internship coordinator at

I would like to get credit for my internship experience.

Before you start your internship, register for the internship course number 275 in your area of study. Note the following:

  • Some internship courses have prerequisites or require the approval of the faculty advisor, so check your course listing in the college catalog for details.
  • For questions regarding whether an internship exists within your academic program, qualifies as an elective course in your major or transfers to your four-year school of choice, check with an advisor with AACC’s Academic and Transfer Advising. Log in to MyAACC and, in the self-services area, select Advising Appointments to schedule an appointment or call 410-777-2307 for assistance.
  • For areas of study without a 275 internship course, students can register for IEX 275. Before registering, contact the internship coordinator for details.

I would like additional resources for students.

Set yourself apart from the competition and be prepared for the workforce. Check out these free resources:

Featured Internships

Getting Started

The ABCs of Internships at AACC for students contains tips to help you launch a productive internship search and sail toward your career. First, click on “Appropriate Contact” to get pointed in the right direction.

A - Appropriate Contact

Certain areas of study at AACC have a specialized internship program coordinator to help students prepare for an internship in a desired profession. Students majoring in the following areas of study must contact their designated program coordinator — rather than use the alphabetized process below. Visit your program’s home page for contact information, and ask for the internship program coordinator in your major.

For internships in other areas of study, read the information below and connect with AACC's internship office.

If you are an international student with an F-1 Visa, you must coordinate with AACC’s international admissions specialist for OPT/CPT approval for your internship.

Students with documented disabilities may be eligible to receive accommodations for their internships under the ADA. For information contact Disability Support Services.

B - Begin with Your Talent

Access the tools and resources we have available to promote your skills and experience. Use the AACC Career and Transfer Resource Center’s helpful guides and workshops to develop marketing tools: résumés, cover letters and interview techniques, and follow up with your internship program coordinator.  

Consider contacting AACC's internship office to review your employment portfolio, arrange a mock-interview or get hints about marketing yourself specifically for an internship experience. It's different than applying for a regular job!   

C - Chart Your Course

Discover how to earn college credit with an internship. Contact AACC’s Counseling, Advising and Retention Services to inquire about matters such as whether an internship:
     a.    Exists within the design of your academic program 
     b.    Qualifies as an elective course in your major
     c.    Requires prerequisites
     d.    Transfers to your four-year school of choice

If an internship course is not offered in your major, contact the internship office to explore using the Internship Experience (IEX) course series to earn college credit.

D - Database Registration/Internship Search

You can begin your search by registering on the College Central Network (CCN), AACC’s searchable database. Register, upload your résumé for employers to see and then start reviewing internship postings from employers.

E - Express Feedback

We care about your internship experience! We hope your internship is as empowering as those you see on this website. If you provide us with your success story and photos, your internship might be featured here, too!  Contact us to:

  • Tell us what you are doing and how it inspires you.
  • Photo journal and document projects you work on.
  • Share reflections about a special project.
  • Describe ways your workplace mentor, faculty advisor and learning objectives helped you grow.
  • Evaluate your internship experience – and let us know what we can do better to help you and future students.


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