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The John A. Cade Center for Fine Arts Gallery features seven exhibits a year. The span of exhibiting artists is broad, yet each exhibit is tightly focused by theme or medium. You can encounter an installation project juried by a museum curator, or the latest painting by an AACC Student. Expect surprises and visual pleasures.

Spring 2018 Schedule

Jan. 29–Feb. 22, 2018

Crossing into motherhood is a monumental shift in a woman's life. In this time, artist mothers redefine who they are as humans, but also who they are as artists. The work in Crowns is a reflection by eight ceramic artists regarding their experiences in the currents of motherhood. The artists approach the theme in a number of ways, including sculptural and two-dimensional forms, figuration, installation, and vessels.

The inspiration for the title Crowns lies in biological and metaphorical content. We are literally crowned by our mother's hips as infants in the womb, and the role of motherhood might be described as a crowning moment for some. The impacts that caring for children have on artist mothers expands beyond new time constraints and into physical, emotional and perhaps spiritual crossings.

This is the first stop for this exhibit, which will travel to other galleries around the country.

Carole Epp
DeArmond Stephanie
Eva Kwong
Janis Mars Wunderlich
Jessica Gardner (and exhibit tour coordinator)
Kate Fisher
Summer Zickefoose
Rhonda Willers

Coordinator's Talk
5:30 p.m., February 7, 2018

Public Reception
5-7 p.m., February 7, 2018

Curated by René Treviño
March 6–April 11, 2018

(Gallery will be closed March 12-18 for spring break.)

STIFF brings together six contemporary artists in an exhibit curated by René Treviño. Felons might face STIFF sentences; a STIFF knee joint is inflexible. One might STIFF a waiter for bad service; a dead body is called a STIFF. The word STIFF in the title of the exhibit references arousal, rigidity, hardness. The work all has a palpable sense of heat and energy. These six artists assert themselves into complicated conversations about race, identity, gender and sexuality, yet these works have a sense of humor (the way sex is sometimes funny) and a visual splendor.

Damon Arhos
Cat Gunn
Nathan Miller
Isabelle Schipper
Wickerham & Lomax

Curator's Talk
5:30 p.m., March 28, 2018

Public Reception
5-7 p.m., March 28, 2018


Student Exhibit
April 25-May 24, 2018

Public Reception and Juror's Talk


Alumni Exhibit
Curated by Matthew Moore
June 6-July 20, 2018


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