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AACC's College Fair, planned for March 10, has been postponed. We'll keep this page updated as we have additional details.

Meet with representatives from more than 130 colleges!

In one evening, in one location at AACC you can:

  • Start your college search, narrow your choices or select a school.

  • Pick up college catalogs, brochures and flyers from representatives of AACC and 135 colleges and universities.

  • Ask admissions representatives about admission requirements, programs of study, tuition costs and financial aid opportunities, campus life, upcoming tours, and information sessions for prospective students.

  • Learn more about AACC!

The AACC College Fair is a must attend event!

Visit the AACC Booth

Are you looking for an affordable education? Wondering where you can discover your passion? Do you need a college that offers real-world experience? Visit the AACC booth where representatives will introduce you to the many paths you can take here at your community college.

Get information on how you can take courses that will transfer to a Maryland or out-of-state, 4-year college or join a program that provides immediate job training. You can also learn how to get an early start on college classes while you’re still in high school.

Not sure where to start on your higher education journey? Ask about our fields of interest to help narrow your search! Love sports? So do we! Learn more about how our nationally ranked athletics programs open doors to scholarships at four-year schools. 

Prepare for your College Fair Visit


  • For a list of programs of study/majors to take home and review later.
  • About admission requirements.
  • About tuition costs, scholarships and financial aid opportunities.
  • What the school looks for in admission essays.
  • Who should write letters of recommendation.
  • If freshman courses are taught by professors or teaching assistants.
  • What the average class size is.
  • What the student body demographics are.
  • What kind of job placement programs are available for students.
  • What type of housing is available.
  • What team sports are played at the college.
  • What there is to do in town.
  • About campus life – student activities, clubs and organizations.
  • If there are upcoming tours and info sessions for prospective students.


We’re here to help.

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"Pro" Tip

To make the most of your time (and save your wrist and fingers), print address labels to paste on college information cards. Include your name, address, email, phone, high school, year of graduation, intended  major(s) and extracurricular activities.