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Computer Technologies Department - Staff


Call the Computer Technologies office at 410-777-2442. You can also contact the director or any of the office or technical staff listed below.

410-777- precedes each extension unless otherwise noted.

Director of Computer Technologies
Kelly Sell, x2033, CALT 234A

Instructional Coordinator
Janie Janz, x2623, CALT 242

Office Manager
Kathy Williams, x2686/2442, CALT 234

Program Assistants
Nancy Brown, x2433/2442, CALT 234
Gina Serio, x7076, CALT 234

Network Support Specialists
Cathy Bosse, Manager of Institutional Technology, x2705, CALT 218
Karen Parks-Elliott, x2405, CRSC 236 
Will Brison, x2463, CCPT 300
Don Shetrone, x2403, CALT 311
Victor Sheets, x2107, CALT 220