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Computer Technologies Department - Staff


Call the Computer Technologies office at 410-777-2442. You can also contact the director or any of the office or technical staff listed below.

410-777- precedes each extension unless otherwise noted.

Director of Computer Technologies
Kelly Sell, x2033, CALT 234A

Instructional Coordinator
Janie Janz, x2623, CALT 242

Internship and Job Developer
Patricia Acton, x7128, CALT 236

Office Manager
Kathy Williams, x2686/2442, CALT 234

Program Assistants
Nancy Brown, x2433/2442, CALT 234
Gina Serio, x7076, CALT 234

Network Support Specialists
Cathy Bosse, Manager of Institutional Technology, x2705, CALT 218
Karen Parks-Elliott, x2405, CRSC 236 
Will Brison, x2463, CCPT 300
Don Shetrone, x2403, CALT 311
Victor Sheets, x2107, CALT 220