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The Computer Technologies Department at AACC offers three general areas of technology study:

  • Computer Systems
  • Cybersecurity, Cyber Forensics and Network Management
  • Computer Science 

Within each of these programs, we offer a variety of degree programs, certificates, and letters of recognition. For information about these programs consult the AACC College Catalog or click the Computer Tech Areas of Study link to the right.


Director, Technologies Department:
Kelly Sell,, CALT 234A, 410-777-2033

Computer Science, Mobile Devices and Web Technologies Programs Coordinator:
Krysten Hall,, CALT 250, 410-777-2761

Foundations and Database Programs Coordinator:
Harold Waterman,, CALT 336, 410-777-2143

Networking, Security and Forensics Programs Coordinator:
Kasia Taylor,, CALT 250, 410-777-7096

Office Applications/MOS Programs Coordinator:
Connie Hammond,, CALT 268, 410-777-2873

Internship and Job Developer
Patricia Acton, x7128, CALT 236