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The Cyber Forensics program (a/k/a Digital Forensics) prepares students for an entry-level career in cyber forensics analysis. The program emphasizes the proper handling of digital evidence; the tools and techniques utilized in forensics analysis, the importance of proper documentation and report generation; and the laws and ethics that govern evidence handling. Topics include the proper collection and preservation of digital evidence; the retrieval of evidence from multiple environments and devices; the use of commercial forensics and open source tools; manual recovery techniques; the analysis of collected information; and proper documentation and reporting. This program fully maps to the eight knowledge domains as currently specified by the Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3).

What are my Cyber Forensics program options? What courses do I need to take? 

FBI Forensics Lab

Related Industry Certifications: This program fully prepares students for the Cyber Incident Responder exam sponsored by the Defense Cyber Crime Center and the AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE) certification. This program provides partial foundation for the CompTIA Network+ and Security+ industry certifications.

Anne Arundel Community College has been designated a National Center of Digital Forensics Academic Excellence (CDFAE) by the Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3). AACC was the first institution in the nation to receive this designation.

What does this tell the many employers trying to meet the huge demand for skilled cyber forensics practitioners?

Students completing AACC’s now CDFAE-designated cyber forensics program are immediately ready for the workforce with proven capabilities to get the job done.