Future Students

Project Management Services

CWS trainings include integrated project management and support services for your organization.

CWS can provide integrated project management and support services to your organization. We make available a comprehensive array of project management services that can accompany any project, from an organizational intervention to a multi-tiered leadership and mentoring academy. 

Our Services Include:

  • General management
  • Course registration and administration
  • Enrollment monitoring
  • Training implementation and delivery
  • Financial management
  • Program assessment and/or evaluation
  • Administrative program oversight
  • Lead Facilitation (coordination of multiple programs and instructors)

Our staff members also serve as a direct point of contact for clients, trainees, and trainers. We arrange materials required for classes (i.e. handouts, books, etc.) and personally open training sessions by introducing the instructor, delivering materials, and addressing any questions participants may have. CWS operates in a customer-centered approach when doing business.

CWS’s support services are not limited to our face-to-face interactions; they also include technology support, such as orientations to an online learning environment for trainees and/or trainers and technical support available by phone and e-mail.