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Business Services

CWS offers a wide array of business services along with our training and development capabilities.

The Center for Workforce Solutions (CWS) at Anne Arundel Community College offers a wide array of business services beyond corporate training and development.  Our business services can accentuate our consulting and training offerings or stand alone as services we can provide your organization. 

CWS business services include:

Online Training and Conversion


Anne Arundel Community College's Virtual Campus offers a wide array of services to develop and deliver online training.  Our expert team of project managers, instructional designers, writers, instructional specialists, videographers and specialised audio/video experts can convert face-to-face training to online and/or work with your subject matter experts to create training from scratch.

Examples of some of our work include:

This self-paced, voiceover PowerPoint webshop module includes interactive tools and instructs AACC students on the basic elements of time management.

This self-paced, voiceover PowerPoint training can be customized for your organization and is an example of how video and senario-based learning can be incorporated into an online module for just-in-time learning.  

This voiceover PowerPoint training is an example of how to organize a subject with heavy content into a self-paced, online resource.

This self-paced, voiceover PowerPoint training is provided in a controlled environment with facilitator support and interactive activities.

­This is an example of an interactive flowchart, using a point and click method of self discovery for learning.