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Cyber Analyst Non-Credit Training Program

The Cyber Analyst training is developed and delivered in collaboration with OPS Consulting, a company that specializes in intelligence and cyber analytics. The training is broken down into three levels of ascending difficulty that help participants gain knowledge, practice skills and demonstrate abilities.  The training is designed to bring the real world experiences of a cyber analyst to participants so that they are able to develop technical skills in the context of the job role.  The hands-on lab work reinforces the instruction and allows participants to apply their technical skills while also building critical thinking, data collection/analysis and communication core competencies.  Industry certification exam preparation for the CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+ and EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker is also included in the training.

Course Details

Course Name
 Related Industry Certification
Cyber Analyst I - Gain Knowledge
 CompTIA Network+
Cyber Analyst II - Practice Skills
 CompTIA Security+
Cyber Analyst III - Demonstrate Abilities  
 EC-Council CEH

How to Register

To register individually or to purchase a closed section for your organization, please contact the CyberCenter at 410-777-7047 or via email at cybercenter@aacc.edu.