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Cyber Analyst I - Gain Knowledge

Description: (100 Hours/Non-Credit) 

60 Hours-Cyber Analyst I

40 Hours-CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep

This innovative training option is broken into two essential components providing individuals with the contextualized hands-on training prior to a concentrated certification exam preparation course.

This foundational course in the Cyber Analyst curriculum helps participants gain the knowledge and skills required to perform the duties of a cyber-intelligence analyst.  Learn about computer topologies and devices, network communications protocols and addressing, and how to identify devices within a network.  Learn programming basics.  Learn routing concepts and protocols and how to analyze a router configuration for network mapping purposes.  Identify tools and techniques for open source research that will assist with network reconnaissance and analysis.  Learn technical writing styles and techniques. 

Following the Cyber Analyst I training, individuals embark on a concentrated  CompTIA Network+ certification prep course to prepare for the CompTIA Network+ certification examination.

Format: In-person instructor led training.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of operating systems and hardware or CompTIA A+ certification required.  Associate or bachelor's degree in information technology or related technical field is preferred.

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Cyber Analyst I-Gain Knowledge

Network+ Certification Prep

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