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Why Cybersecurity?

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Every day, government agencies and private businesses come under attack for their intellectual property, data and defense systems. No organizations – whether in the fields of defense, health care, banking and finance, retail, energy, or public safety, just to name a few – can claim immunity from these dangers.

Because of these threats, you need employees who can identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by hackers. In addition to prevention, your team may need forensic techniques to recover evidence of cybercrime.

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Whatever your cybersecurity priorities, the CyberCenter has to local advantage to deal with your global cybersecurity issues. We are located in the backyard of many of the government organizations and businesses leading the charge to make cyberspace more secure. We collaborate with these organizations to stay ahead of the the curve in understanding workforce needs and work with them to ensure that our curriculum remains cutting-edge and relevant in this quickly evolving landscape.